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That’s right…a Boob Whisperer. You’ve heard of the dog whisperer, the horse whisperer, the baby whisperer (and many parents thank God for that one in particular), but today it’s all about the boobs. The little or big things in front, that when treated with care can make you look years younger and pounds thinner.

Bella had been wearing the same size bra for 14 years. Uh-huh. Fourteen long years. It was time to bring in the reinforcements.

It was time to bring in The Boob Whisperer. Meet Scylvia Danese DiCola from Phoenix, Arizona. A designer, tailor, Bombshell, and…The Boob Whisperer. According to Scylvia, 9 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra! If your bra does not make you feel absolutely fabulous, perky, and youthful, then it’s time to get a proper fitting.

She asks some great questions on her website, and a few of them are included here!

Answer these questions honestly and accurately Bombshell–your boobs and your image will thank you!

♦ Does your bustline look perky, uplifted, firm and alluring? Be honest.

♦ Do your boobs feel like they’re supported and uplifted, or do they feel like they’re sagging? You should be able to tell if the weight of them is pulling downward.

♦ Does it look like your bustline is starting to merge with your waistline?

♦ Do you have bulges below your underarms? Those bulges are actually separated breast tissue, and shouldn’t be there.

♦ Does your chest above your boobs look bony because the weight of your boobs is causing them to sag, giving your more space there than you had when you were younger?

♦ When an undergarment is ill-fitting, it can take away from the most put together woman.

Some other questions to think about:

♦ Do you often readjust your bra throughout the day because the straps aren’t quite right? You can have your bra straps taken up an inch or more at your tailor—this makes a huge difference for busty women that are more petite in height.

♦ Does your bra hurt? Do the wires dig into your armpits? Bombshell…it’s time for that one to go. That is not your bra. Donate it if it has been very lightly worn, or if it has seen better days, trash it.
Bombshell tip of the day: Run, don’t walk to your nearest bra fitter. Tell her Bella sent you!


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