I’m asked a LOT how I came up with this whole Bombshell thing.

I’ve been an Image Consultant for 32 years. Yes, you’re right… I was 12 when I started.😎 I’ve loved most every minute of taking someone and showing them their real beauty. Notice I say “most every minute”? It isn’t always easy peeling back the layers of a woman to reveal her true self. Not easy, but ALWAYS worth it.

So back to the Bombshell thing…
Many times, when I would do a presentation or speaking engagement, women would come up to me afterwards and ask me “How did you keep your lipstick on through lunch?” Or “How in the world do you stand in high heels all day and still manage to walk gracefully?” Sometimes the questions are more personal like “I don’t know how to tell my coworker that she has bad breath” or “How can I better express my needs to my husband?” There are always lots of questions and I love answering them. Women were (and are) eager and hungry to live the very best version of themselves. But most just don’t know how.
Invariably someone (or two or three or four) would come right out and say “I wish I were you!!!”
I love women and I love helping women but THAT one always made me feel a little bit sad. My mission is to help women love themselves enough that they love other women exactly as they are. Trust me…you don’t want to be me. Don’t get me wrong. I love me. A lot. But it’s taken a lifetime of work for me to be me. Let’s help you do YOU. Deal?
So I digress.
I decided I wanted to take the external factors of looking great and mesh them with the internal, more esoteric qualities of a woman and put together a complete package. I knew in my heart that I was onto something… something BIG. I just needed to figure out exactly what.
I started working with a life coach (THANK YOU CINDY!!!) and we met for several months. We tossed a lot of ideas around about what I wanted my program for women to look like, but no real definition of what I wanted to call this came to me clearly. Who is this woman? What does she call herself? At the time, there were some buzz words like Diva. Like Goddess. Neither one of those resonated with me. So we kept at it.
One beautiful fall day, I was driving to Dallas for an event. I was literally praying out loud and asking God to help me figure out who this woman was that I was trying to create for ALL women. In my Spirit, it came.


As soon as I heard the word I had such a flood of different emotions… Excitement at first, and then fear. I said out loud “God, you know me better than that. This is not about big boobs and bleached hair and a really short skirt!!” But in my soul, I KNEW. I wanted to look it up in the dictionary just to be sure. This was in the days of mobile phones that actually only made and received calls. Crazy right??
No Internet, so that dictionary stuff would have to wait. Yes. I am that old.

Webster’s definition of bombshell:
a. Something that is very surprising or shocking.
b. A very attractive woman.
That was it. What woman would not want to be a surprise and very attractive?
Inner and outer beauty. The WHOLE PACKAGE. A “capital B” Bombshell, not the “little b” bombshell which focuses only on exterior.

So where do YOU fit in here my darling?

You can be young or you can be old. Or somewhere in between. You can know precisely what you like or still have trouble figuring out what to choose on the menu.
You can have big boobs, little boobs, big butt, little butt, great hair, not so great hair, amazing skin, problem skin. You can be black, white, yellow, brown. You can wear stilettos or live every day in flats. You can be very self-assured or still trying to find your way.

The only desire that I ask of you is that you want to be the very very best version of yourself, and you are ready to jump into that heart and soul.

We’ve been waiting for you.

Gigi Belmonico

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